Thu. Apr 18th, 2024

The Bollywood film industry has, for quite some time now, been struggling with box office numbers. There have been many movies that have been released in cinema halls with much promise and hope, but have ultimately failed to win over the hearts of the general public.

There can be many reasons for this, from content to changing times to the kind of new movies the audience is being introduced to, especially on Ott platforms.

The tendency of large Bollywood movies being called for a boycott by a group of people who may be few in number but are influential on all social media platforms has long been ignored but has recently gained significant attention.

The recent examples of this trend were very much evident when Aamir Khan’s starrer ‘Laal Singh Chaddha’ was released and people started asking for its boycott by netizens.

Now actor Arjun Kapoor has opened up on this issue and in a recent interview given to Bollywood Hungama said, “I think we made a mistake by being silent about it and that was our decency but people have started taking advantage of that. I think we made a mistake by thinking that ‘our work will speak for ourselves’. You know you don’t always need to get your hand dirty but I guess we tolerated it a lot and now people have made this a habit. We need to come together and do something about it because what people write about us or the hashtags that trend, are far away from reality. When we do films that do good at the box office, then at that time people like us not because of our surnames but because of the film.”

The boycott culture which has become quite vicious has now moved on from ‘Laal Singh Chaddha’ and has shifted their eyes on next big movies such as Shah Rukh Khan starrer ‘Pathaan’ and Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan starrer ‘Vikram Vedha’


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