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Baba Vanga Predictions about World: Baba Vanga was a blind woman from Bulgaria. She lost her eyesight at the age of 12. It is claimed that after this God gave her the divine vision to see the future. She made many predictions about the world, many of which proved to be true. She had made 2 predictions regarding the initial months of the year 2022, which have proved to be true. She also has a dangerous prediction about India in 2022, about which insecurity and apprehension are being expressed around the world. Let us know about the predictions of Baba Vanga. 

2 Predictions Came True This Year

According to the report of the British website ‘The Sun’, Baba Vanga has made many predictions regarding the year 2022. Of which 2 have come true so far. The first of these was the prediction of severe flooding in parts of Australia. While the second prediction was about drought and water crisis in many cities. According to the report, there was torrential rain earlier this year on the east coast of Australia, causing severe flooding there. Thus her prediction came true. She made another prediction that big cities would be hit by drought and water. Although the place and time were not clearly stated in it, but this prediction now seems to be proving true in Europe. Britain, Italy and Portugal, surrounded by huge glaciers and water, are in the grip of severe drought these days and people are being asked to save water. 

Drought declared in Britain

In view of the situation, a drought has been officially declared in Britain last Friday. Parts of the South West, South, Central and East of England are facing water scarcity and may soon be declared drought-hit. Britain is not the only country facing a devastating drought. Italy and Portugal are also in the grip of drought these days and residents are being asked to conserve water supplies. Italy is experiencing its worst drought since the 1950s.

Dangerous virus predicted to flourish in Siberia

It is believed that Baba Vanga has made 2 more predictions for this year. One of these predictions is that a very dangerous virus will be detected in Russia’s Siberia region this year, which will spread a new dangerous disease in the world and millions of people will be killed by it. 

Prediction About India

Baba Vanga has also made serious predictions about India this year. According to this, there will be a drop in temperature in the world this year, due to which the outbreak of locusts will increase. Due to greenery and food, locust swarms will attack India, causing serious damage to crops and causing famine in the country. How true these predictions of Baba Vanga will be, it will be known in the future. But many people are in fear seeing many of his old predictions coming true. 

Lost Eyesight At The Age of 12

Let us tell that the real name of Baba Vanga was Vangeliya Pandeva Gushterova. She was from Bulgaria. She lost her eyesight at the age of 12. After that she started claiming that God has given her divine vision to see the future. She died in the year 1996. She did not make any predictions in writing. But it is believed that till her death, she had spoken a total of 5079 predictions for the world. In which many predictions like the death of Britain’s Princess Diana, 9/11 attack on America, Barack Obama being elected America’s first black president also proved to be true. 

Many Predictions Didn’t Come True

However, it is not that whatever Baba Vanga said, it all turned out to be true. She claimed that there would be a major war in Europe in the year 2016, which would end the entire continent forever. She also made a prediction that from the year 2010 to 2014, there would be a fierce nuclear war in the world, due to which a large part of the world would be wiped out. Her prediction also could not prove to be true. 

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