Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

Noida: Noida Police worked overnight to trace and recover a ring worth Rs 5 lakh studded with 70 diamonds belonging to a Delhi-based woman who misplaced it inside a shopping mall here, officials said on Monday.

The woman, the wife of a real estate developer from Shahdara in Delhi, had gone to the washroom to change the diaper of her child where she removed the ring from her finger and kept it on a sink but forgot to take it back, an official said.

Another woman, who also lives in Delhi, was in the washroom and found the ring. She asked this woman who was changing the diaper of her child if she had lost her ring, to which replied in negative. This led the other woman to take that ring with her while the owner of the ring did not realize missing the ring, ACP (Noida 1) Rajneesh Verma told PTI.

Later, around 10.30 pm, the ring owner and her husband realized that it was missing and they dialed 112 for emergency help after which local Sector 20 police station officials also rushed to the site, even as the DLF Mall of India was closing down for the night, he said.

It was a Sunday rush of visitors but by that time most people had left. The police team looked for the ring at all possible places and then checked the CCTV footage to trace the woman who had carried the ring with her, Verma said.

In one of the footage from the parking area, the woman’s car was seen and its number was tracked. The woman was found to be living in the Ganesh Nagar area of Delhi and our police team, including the DLF outpost in-charge Subhash, somehow managed to reach her and recover that ring by 5 am this morning, the officer said.

The search for the ring was an arduous task but it was recovered and handed over to the family on Monday morning itself after due procedures, he said. The family informed the police that the ring was studded with 70 diamond pieces and costs Rs 5 lakh, he added.

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