Mon. Jun 5th, 2023

The highly anticipated Bizz Glam Awards 2023 took place in Mumbai with a star-studded red carpet and exciting award presentations. One of the most talked about awards of the night was for the Best Performer, which was won by the talented actress Ruchi Gujjar. Ruchi received the award from the hands of the producer Eram Faridi, adding to her already impressive list of achievements.

Ruchi was recognized for her stunning performance in the music video “Heli Mein Chor”, which was praised by audiences and critics alike. Her portrayal of a strong and determined young woman in the video showcased her acting abilities and versatility as an artist. The music video was directed by a talented team and received widespread recognition for its high production values and engaging storyline.

Ruchi’s win at the Bizz Glam Awards is a testament to her hard work and dedication to her craft. She continues to captivate audiences with her performances and has established herself as a talented and sought-after actress. As she continues to rise to new heights in the industry, her fans can look forward to seeing more of her amazing work in the future

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