Sun. Feb 25th, 2024

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has reaffirmed its appeal to commuters not to film dance videos and reels inside the trains. It is to be noted that there have been multiple incidents of people filming videos inside trains, causing problems for commuters. Furthermore, this goes against the rules of DMRC to not use cameras when inside the train. In the past, there have been several instances when DMRC urged people not to film in trains using their social media handles.

This time, DMRC strictly prohibited filming inside trains. “Filming reels, dance videos or any other such activities that may cause inconvenience to the passengers is strictly prohibited inside the Delhi Metro,” DMRC said in a press release.

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“Travel, don’t cause disturbance”, DMRC tweeted repeating the same. DMRC said the same in Hindi “Delhi Metro mein passenger bane, pareshaani nahi, loosely translated as “be a passenger, not a problem.”

The Delhi Metro has repeatedly issued such warnings, requesting that individuals desist from filming inside the trains since many passengers frequently complain about the disruption this causes. In such advisories, the metro corporations used memes to notify consumers of the rule. In one of the posts, DMRC used the Naatu Naatu song from RRR with the images of actors from the movie i.e., Ram Charan and Jr. NTR. Before that, DMRC used another meme featuring Malaika Arora, Terence Lewis and Geeta Kapoor.

As thousands of viral videos featuring people dancing and creating Instagram reels inside metro coaches have gone viral, there have been more of these types of activities.

After the post from DMRC on social media, multiple netizens appreciated the move by Delhi metro calling it a “good decision”. One of the users commented on the post, saying. Another user commented on the post saying, “Please do advertisement inside metro coaches also via posters etc.”

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