Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

Patna: Dismissing the allegations that the newly sworn-in Bihar Minister Kartikeya Singh is absconding from the arrest in a kidnapping case, his lawyer on Wednesday asserted that no evidence was found against the RJD leader during police investigation, adding that they have approached the court for relief on the matter which shows that Singh is not absconding.

“A false information has been spread that Kartikeya Singh has been absconding in a kidnapping case. The case that is being talked about does not mention Kartikeya Singh as an accused in the FIR. His involvement has not been mentioned in the FIR. According to the provisions of CrPc, taking the statements of all the evidence, the police said it clearly that there is no involvement of Kartikeya in the case. No evidence was found against him. The police submitted a document in court calling him innocent. When the police investigation is over, the case ends there,” the lawyer said.

He said that no evidence has been found against him and “Police had proved him innocent.”

“The court took cognisance of the matter. We filed a petition against the cognisance in the High Court. We are satisfied with the observation of the High Court that it asked us to put the facts in front of the court which took cognisance of the matter. A person is not proven guilty just with the registration of an FIR against him. We submitted the plea for interim bail. Who said that he is absconding?” he said.

Notably, RJD leader Kartikeya Singh, now a minister in the Bihar cabinet, was granted interim bail till September 1 by the court on August 12.Meanwhile, Bharatiya Janata Party slammed the Nitish Kumar-led state government over Singh`s induction and demanded to sack the minister on an immediate basis.Calling the move the beginning of `Jungle Raj`,

Union Minister RK Singh said that he`s ashamed of the state of affairs in the region.”I am from Bihar and I am shameful of what`s happening. Jungle Raj has begun. The law minister himself is an absconder, that too in a kidnapping case. He is the right hand of Anant Singh, who is a don. Does CM not know? Kartikeya Singh should be sacked,” Union Min RK Singh said.

Furthermore, BJP MP Sushil Kumar Modi said that Singh should be dismissed immediately.”If Kartikeya Singh (RJD) had a warrant against him, he should have surrendered. But he has taken oath as Law minister. I ask Nitish, is he trying to take Bihar back to Lalu`s times? Kartikey Singh should be immediately dismissed,” said BJP MP, Sushil Kumar Modi.The BJP leaders also suggested Patna HC`s intervention in the matter.

“We expect Patna HC to take serious notice of this. I expect CM Nitish Kumar to show some courage. Kartikeya Singh should be sacked and strict action should be taken against him,” said BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad. The Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar had earlier said that he had no information on the issue.

“I don`t know. I have no information on this,” said CM Nitish Kumar. 

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