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Baby boy name list: When you are naming your child, you need to remember that one day, the child will grow up to be an adult. So the name should not be something cute but silly that only sounds good on a child. In India, there is a practice of naming children after Gods and Goddesses. While some names directly stand for a God, other name refers to his qualities. As we gear up to celebrate Krishna Janmashtami, here are some beautiful names for your ‘bal Gopal’, your baby boy.

Names of Baby Boys that stand for Lord Krishna:

1) Adwait: The name means ‘unique’. ‘someone who has no equivalent’  and is another name of Lord Krishna.

2) Brijesh: This name refers to Lord Krishna or ‘Lord of Braj land’. Braj stands for ‘Pasture’. Krishna’s clan, Yadavas, used to settle down by the pastures.

3) Devesh: The name Devesh means ‘Lord of lords’. It is indeed a beautiful name that refers to Lord Krishna.

4) Gokul: Gokul is the place ‘where Lord Krishna grew up’.

5) Hrishikesh: One of many names used to refer to Krishna, this name means the ‘One who controls the senses’.

6) Ishna: Standing for ‘wish’ and ‘desire’, this name means ‘Lord Krishna’.

7) Kannan: A beautiful name of  Tamil origin that means ‘Lord Krishna’.

8) Krishnendu: A popular Bengali name, it’s another name for ‘Lord Krishna’ and means the ‘Prince of Earth’.

9) Manhar: A name of Lord Krishna, it means ‘pleasing’, ‘charming’, or ‘one who attracts the mind’.

10) Nilesh: This name represents Lord Krishna and also means the ‘moon’.

11) Rasesh: Mainly a Gujarati name, it means ‘the lord of joy’, referring to Lord Krishna.

12) Rayaan: Standing for ‘the gate to paradise’ or ‘heaven’, this is another beautiful name of Lord Krishna.

13) Saket: A boy’s name meaning ‘having the same intention’, the name refers to Lord Krishna.

14) Vamsi: It means Lord Krishna and is the name of a ‘raga’. It also refers to the flute of Lord Krishna.

15) Vihas: Standing for a ‘gentle laugh’ or ‘beautiful smile’, it is another name for Lord Krishna.


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