Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

The way a few businesses around the world have been on a constant growth pedestal has proved how far they have come as a team of driven and passionate professionals who rigorously followed their visions and magnified the same, bringing much more glory to their brands, even amidst highly competitive and saturated industries. The fashion world is a world of its own, consisting of different brands catering to different fashion demands and niches. The leather niche offering bags and shoes is one among them, seeing gigantic growth, especially in the last few years, after the onset of too many promising brands and businesses. On such brand is Iron Tailor – founded by entrepreneur Kavit Passary.

However, new dimensions are pushing brands to open physical stores too. Iron Tailor, which thus far never had any physical outlets now, is approaching the same trend. The bran can open its outlet in Raipur by the end of this year. Kavit Passary told Zee Media that he also plans to open more outlets next year in Tier 1 cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi.

Passary said that they are also planning to expand their product portfolio with a new collection of belts and wallets. They had begun selling leather bags for men, but as word-of-mouth increased, more and more people searched for them online and started buying from them through Instagram, other social media sites, and even exhibitions.

However, digital media will stay the first marketplace for Passary and his team. Passary says that are looking forward to creating an exceptional presence in the digital media, making sales through their website, and becoming available on almost all e-commerce platforms.

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