Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024

In view of increasing cases of COVID-19 cases in the country, DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) has asked airlines to ensure follow-up of Covid-19 protocols. The authority is urging flight operators to ensure that all passengers are wearing face masks all the time throughout the flight and the required sanitization of the aircraft is maintained by the airline. Also, DGCA added that if a passenger shows disagreement to comply with the Covid-19 protocols, strict actions will be taken against the passenger. Earlier, DGCA said that those passengers who do not wear masks on the flight can be treated as ‘unruly’.

The civil aviation regulator earlier warned that such passengers will be removed from the aircraft before departure if they are found without a face mask and not following COVID-appropriate behaviour. 

Giving details, the civil aviation regulator DGCA said the CISF personnel will be in charge of enforcing mask guidelines at the airports. 

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The new DGCA guidelines came days after the Delhi High Court ordered it to take a tough line against passengers who refuse to comply with Covid safety norms.

In its order of June 3, the high court called for strict action, observing that the pandemic is not over yet. “If the passenger refuses to follow protocol despite reminders, action should be taken under health ministry or DGCA guidelines,” it said.

They can be physically removed, put on a “no-fly” list or be handed over to security agencies for further action, the court said. “The issuance of said order, in our view, is the right step since the pandemic has not abated and keeps springing up its ugly head,” the court observed.

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