Mon. Feb 19th, 2024

Delhi and its surrounding cities are often in discussion due to scorching heat or air pollution. In the past few years, there has been an increase in the use of measuring the Air Quality Index in Delhi-NCR and this often raises concerns. Be it industrial cities like Ghaziabad, Faridabad and Gurugram or the capital Delhi itself, it has been common practice to reach AQI 500 in the months of October and November. But these days the weather is very pleasant. Due to continuous light rain for several days, there is a drop in temperature on one hand, while the situation is better in terms of air quality index. 

Today’s Air Quality Index of Ghaziabad, which is often included in the top 3 cities of the country in terms of air pollution, remains close to 50. Not only this, only 27 have been found in Sanjay Nagar area. However, in areas of Ghaziabad like Indirapuram and Vasundhara, the AQI was around 50. At the same time, the AQI of Baddi, an industrial town in the hill state of Himachal Pradesh, was found to be 42 during this period. Apart from this, the air quality index of 65 has also been found in Anand Vihar area, which has reached the level of 600. Due to the presence of a bus stand and railway station here and the border of UP and Delhi, there is a large amount of vehicular traffic. Because of this, there is often air pollution here. So staying AQI 65 here also matters.

According to the data of the Central Pollution Control Board, air pollution in Greater Noida has also been found to be very low. The Air Quality Index in Knowledge Park has been found to be 49. On the other hand, in Sector 128 of Noida, it is only 28, while in Sector 125 it remains at 41. Apart from this, it is at 39 in Sector 1 of Noida. That is, at present, along with Delhi and Ghaziabad, the air of Noida is also very good. However, the AQI index has often been lower in Noida than in Ghaziabad. 

The weather of Gurugram city of NCR which comes in Haryana state is also pleasant. On one hand the temperature is close to 25 degree Celsius, while the AQI is also at 42. Not only this, only AQI 23 has been recorded in Gwal hill area of ​​Gurugram. Apart from this, the air of Faridabad is also very clean. In the Sector 30 area of ​​the city, the AQI has been recorded at 37 this morning. Apart from this, it remains between 60 and 70 in areas like Sector 11 and Sector 16A. Such a low AQI is not often found in an industrial city.

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