Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024

New Delhi: Congress leader Kanhaiya Kumar, on Wednesday at a press conference, took a jibe at the BJP amid the political shift in Bihar after Nitish Kumar broke the JD(U) and BJP alliance. Kumar has said that Bihar has performed well in showing direction to the politics of the country. He further said that there was an atmosphere in the country where people felt that it was ‘difficult’ to defeat BJP and to survive against their money and muscle power.

At the press conference, the former JNU student said that the objective of the new Bihar government should be to work against BJP’s ‘divisive’ politics that ‘break’ the country. It should also focus on issues such as education, health, employement, migration. He also said that it seems as if the country has elected a ‘blood-sucking syringe’ and not a government.

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Kanhaiya Kumar made a sarcastic comment on the BJP and said that even in such high temperatures of 40 degrees, BJP leaders are seen trembling with fear presumably. He stated that numbers are important in a democracy and that the BJP is unable to decide their next steps.


Concluding his thoughts, Kanhaiya Kumar said that what happened in Bihar has brought a new change and shown the way to the country. He said that not only has the government changed in Bihar but a ray of hope has also emerged.

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