Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024

The move of Bengaluru Metro Rail Corporation`s (BMRCL) to put up a photo of Veer Savarkar in the flex installed in the premises of Majestic Metro station has stirred a controversy. The issue has created a debate on social media. The flex contains the photos of freedom fighters Chandrashekar Azad and Udham Singh along with Veer Savarkar.

`Bhutva Karnataka`, an organisation fighting for pluralism objected to it and posted a message on social media, triggering a debate. “Hello, officers of BMRCL, why have you put up Savarkar`s photo” What is his contribution” Why should we respect someone who apologised to the British? Didn`t you get anyone else, whose order is this?” the post questioned.

Syed Mueen, a social media user, said, “Well-known mercy petitioner Savarkar`s photo is placed with freedom fighters in Majestic Metro station. There is much controversy and outrage from people calling him a British bootlicker.” Another user Deepak Pai, replied, “Well known agents of the British who divided India are Jinnah and Nehru. Savarkar is a freedom fighter. Indian parliament does have Savarkar photo. Do you have the guts to remove it?”

The Metro authorities have not yet responded to the objections. Installation of Veer Savarkar`s photos and flexes have triggered objections at many places in the state. The issue of vacating flex of Veer Savarkar has resulted in violence and stabbing of two persons in Shivamogga city and prohibitory orders have been clamped till August 18.

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