Mon. Feb 19th, 2024

Dengue is increasing with the onset of monsoon. Amidst that panic, Tuberculosis is rising in the tea belt of Kalchini in Alipurduar. The number of TB patients is increasing every day. The health department is worried about the way the number of Tuberculosis patients are increasing there. The health department has already taken special measures for the treatment of Tuberculosis patients. Those who were infected with Tuberculosis are still undergoing treatment in the hospital.

According to the sources of health department, currently 348 people have been infected with Tuberculosis in Kalchini. The number of Tuberculosis patients is highest in the tea region. Thus this matter is being looked into with utmost priority. Anyone suffering from Tuberculosis is asked to seek medical advice immediately. Officials of the Kalchini Health Department said that if there is a fever for more than two weeks, night sweats, weight loss, cough etc., the health department is asking them to consult their doctors immediately.

Mycobacterium Tuberculosis is the cause of Tuberculosis. It takes 6 to 8 weeks for this bacteria to be diagnosed. Hence it is not a common bacterium. Tuberculosis is called an airborne disease. This germ is usually spread through the air. Doctors say that people who are malnourished, diabetic or have low immune system are more prone to Tuberculosis. Incidentally, according to the report of the World Health Organization, in 2011, almost one-fourth of the world’s Tuberculosis patients were in India. At that time 8.3 lakh people were infected with Tuberculosis in India. Out of which the number of Tuberculosis patients in India was 2.3 lakh. That is, the number of people affected by Tuberculosis is more in India.

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