Sat. Feb 17th, 2024

New Delhi: Stories from Bengaluru, a bustling city, have always astounded social media users. The most recent story from the startup hub is about a Rapido rider who is also an independent videographer.

On August 15, a Twitter user named Parag Jain posted a thread about his conversation with the rider. Read More: Ratan Tata backs senior citizen companionship startup Goodfellows with an undisclosed investment

Jain stated that the rider picked him up from a co-working space. During the trip, he inquired as to which floor he worked on. Read More: After Amul, Mother Dairy plans to hike milk prices by Rs 2 per litre: Deets inside


Jain responded by asking if he had been in that location.

“Sir, I used to work in the same building two years ago,” the rider replied.

Jain discovered that his driver worked for a Chinese company but was fired after India banned a slew of apps from the neighbouring country due to border tensions.

Then the coronavirus crisis hit, and he couldn’t find work, Jain wrote. However, he could now devote more time to his filmmaking ambitions.

“(He) made a mini-series out of his savings,” Jain wrote. “The series received a positive response and was nominated for approximately 15 film festivals (festivals). OTT expressed interest but was turned down due to commercial concerns. A project failed to generate any revenue.”

Broke, the man began working part-time for Rapido, a bike taxi service. He hasn’t told his mother about the job because he doesn’t want her to be concerned, Jain wrote.

The man’s business card, which identified him as Vignesh Nagabusanam, was given to Jain.

“He’s looking for new projects to work on,” wrote Jain. “Do get in touch with him if you have any videography needs.”

A Google search brought up Nagabusanam’s LinkedIn profile, where he emphasised his mini-series.

He described the VIK project as the world’s first one-character mini-series produced independently with no crew. It has received awards and mentions from 14 film festivals.

Twitter users retweeted Jain’s thread and tagged additional people to help Nagabusanam gain attention.

“I think his story is also short film worthy,” one commenter said.

“@rapidobikeapp, please recognise (sic) these talents,” another user said. “At the very least, do some useful promotional ads from him.”

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