Mon. Feb 26th, 2024

Today’s DNA will show you two different pictures of the same Kashmir. One picture is of the Kashmir wrapped in tricolour. From streets to Dal Lake, this Kashmir is filled with patriotic colours. Every house in Kashmir is waving the tricolour. Even the families of the youth, who lost their way and set out on the path of terrorism, are also displaying their patriotism by waving the tricolor. This is the Kashmir that could not have been imagined till a few years back. However, change is the only constant. For Kashmir, the change took place only after the abrogation of Article 370 three years ago.

However, there’s a different, horrific picture too. In the second picture, Kashmir is painted in red – the colour of blood. In this Kashmir, terrorists target Kashmiri Pandits every day. This is the Kashmir where families of Kashmiri Pandits live in fear. This is the Kashmir which is reminiscent of the dreadful era of 1990.

In today’s DNA, Zee News’ Rohit Ranjan makes an analysis of targeted killings of Pandit community members in Kashmir.

A similar targeted killing took place on Tuesday. The terrorists attacked two Kashmiri Pandit brothers. While one brother died on the spot, the other was badly injured. The name of the Kashmiri Pandit who died was Sunil Kumar Bhatt. His brother, Partimbar Nath, who survived the attack, is admitted to the hospital. He was shot three times by the terrorists.

Earlier, the families of two Hindu brothers targeted by terrorists were also provided security by the government. However, this protection was limited to their residence only. The terrorists knew this. That’s why, they attacked both the Kashmiri Pandit brothers while they were working in their apple orchard.

Like always, the terrorists first asked the names of the two brothers. They opened fire only after confirming that the two were Hindus. The incident was carried out by two terrorists armed with AK-47 rifles. And then, like every time, this time also the terrorists got away with ease.

The team of Zee News has prepared an “On The Spot Investigation Report of this incident. The report contains evidence of the murder and raises many questions on the system.

Watch DNA for in-depth analysis of targeted killings in Kashmir. 

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