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The relationship of a husband and wife is based on trust. Truthfulness, honesty, along with transparency, make a relationship beautiful. While partners are meant to share each and every minor details of their life, the Chanakya Niti lists 7 things that a wife never shares with her husband. People, over the years, have observed that these seven points are true, and women actually tend to hide these 7 realities of their lives with their men.

You won’t believe it but it’s true. There are 7 things that a wife never tells her husband. Also, many times, by hiding these things, their relationship does not deteriorate but becomes stronger.

Secret Crush

The secret crush thing is true about most women. It is said that every woman has some secret crush(es). She likes him secretly. The special thing is that women do not like to share things about secret crush with anyone. While there’s a possibility that a woman might share this with a close confidante, but she will never share this with her husband.

Agrees (but doesn’t agree) on most issues 

It is often seen that the consent of both husband and wife is necessary in life decisions. However, sometimes there are some decisions where the wife does not wish to say yes. This is because either he does not like it, or it is not very significant. Despite this, to ensure that there is no conflict in the house, the wife accepts the husband’s words.

Feeling of satisfaction after sex

Many times, the husbands ask their wives how they felt after sex. Most wives, at this moment, lie to their husbands. If they are not completely satisfied, they won’t say the truth. They are more tend to lie and show themselves as happy and content.

Wives hide savings

Wives are called Lakshmi of the house. But do you know that they are also a kind of crisis bank. Yes, often you must have heard that wives “steal husbands’ money”, but do you know the truth behind it? Many-a-times the savings are done without the knowledge of the husband, and, the same becomes useful in crisis situations.

Their ailment

Often women have some problems related to their body. However, they never share the same with their husbands. This is because she does not want to increase the problems of her husband.

Reveal issues, but not let the man know

The wives discuss their disagreements, and differences with the whole world – accept the husband himself. That i.e wives often tend to hide their emotions from their husbands. 

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