Mon. Feb 26th, 2024

New Delhi: All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS), Delhi has submitted a Master Plan for redeveloping the world-renowned medical institution to the central government. Sharing more information about it, Delhi AIIMS Director Dr Randeep Guleria said, “AIIMS Master Plan Project which aims to re-develop our infrastructure in a holistic manner by consolidating patient care, teaching research and administration, outpatient services and residential facilities has been submitted to the government.”

He told this to AIIMS administrative staff on the occasion of the 75th Independence Day celebrations.

What is the AIIMS Master Plan?


The project will include new 50 new operation theatres and over 3000 patient care beds, including 300 emergency beds in the present Institute of the campus. “This project will result in the transformation of AIIMS New Delhi into a world-class medical University with the creation of fifty new operation theatres and over 3000 patient care beds, including 300 emergency beds,” Dr Guleria said.

Research labs, animal facilities, clinical trial facilities, 4000 hostel units and 14000 parking spaces will be installed through the new project. Dr Guleria further said, “We have completed our preparatory work of this project and submitted the detail report to the government and recently the project has been notified as a re-development project by the government.”

He said that five different land parcels of Masjid Moth, Ansari Nagar West, Ansari Nagar East, and Trauma Centre have also been amalgamated under a new category of Medical Education and Research University by the Delhi Development Authority which will give more flexibility to the campus.

“I am hopeful that on the 75th year of independence, AIIMS will enter in a new era of holistic transformation where not only our physical infrastructure but also our digital backbone and assets will be built up to match the best in the world.”

Chintan Shivir for Delhi AIIMS


Earlier, the Central government decided to organize a `Chintan Shivir` that will primarily focus on improving the functioning (AIIMS) across the country. According to the sources, during the upcoming Chintan Shivir that will be held for two days i.e. August 24-25, the experts and stakeholders will discuss standards of teaching, learning, research and service delivery for patients at AIIMS.

The other focus will be on evaluating “patient satisfaction” in AIIMS like developing institutional procedures to make facilities available `at ease` to the patients, sources said. The Chintan Shivir will have directors from various AIIMS, colleges in India and will focus on how AIIMS can become a common platform for various clinical research purposes. 

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