Sat. Feb 17th, 2024

New Delhi: TV actress and social media influencer Urfi Javed is upset over a man and has accused him of threatening her to ‘have video sex’ with him. 

She shared a bunch of screenshots of their WhatsApp chat and a lengthy Instagram post. She shared that the man in question has been ‘blackmailing’ her that he would circulate her morphed private photos on social media.

In the caption, she wrote, “So this man has been harassing me for so long and now I had it . 2 years back someone morphed my photo and started distributing it , I had already filed a police complaint about that 2 years back and I went through hell at that time . I even uploaded a post 2 years which is still there on my profile . This man got a hold of that picture and had been blackmailing me to have video sex with him or else he will distribute the picture on various Bollywood pages and ruin my career . Yes , he was blackmailing me to cyber rape me (that’s the word for it)”


Further, she continued, “It’s not him that I’m disappointed in, I filed an F.I.R on 1st at Goregaon police station @mumbaipolice. It’s been 14 days no action has been taken till yet! I’m so so disappointed… I had heard so many good things about @mumbaipolice but their attitude towards this man is weird . Even after informing them that he has done with to idk how many women , still no action. Anyway, this man is a threat to society, women. He shouldn’t be allowed to live freely… Idk what action police will take now but just wanted to tell everyone about this man who is freely working in the Punjab industry.”

Urfi Javed is one of the most active social media celebs today. She became a household name after she participated in Bigg Boss OTT last year. Now, with her unique wardrobe choices, she often makes the headlines.

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