Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024

Ola Electric has launched the Ola S1 electric scooter in the Indian market at a price of Rs 99,999. Moreover, the company has opened bookings for the new scooter model at a price of Rs 499. It is to be noted that consumers can buy scooters from September 2. The new electric scooter shares its underpinning with the Ola S1 Pro already on sale in the Indian market.

Talking about the design, the Ola S1 is very similar looking to the S1 Pro and is based on the same platform. The new electric scooter has the same smooth-looking body with seamless curves as the S1 Pro. Moreover, the electric scooter will b on sale in four colours namely Jet Black, Liquid Silver, Porcelain White, and Neo Mint.

Getting into the features and tech on the scooter, it is all the same as the Ola S1 Pro. It gets features like Bluetooth connectivity, a navigation system, and more. In addition, it gets the same Move OS software which can be updated to the Move OS 3, which the electric vehicle manufacturer has promised to launch on Diwali. Moreover, they also promised to launch more hyper chargers for faster charging of the scooters.

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Now talking about the power, the Ola S1 is powered by a 3 KWh and an ARAI-certified range of 131 km on a single charge. Furthermore, the scooter now offers three riding modes namely the Eco mode, normal mode, and sports mode. In the eco mode, the scooter gives a range of 128 km, 101 km in normal mode, and 90km in sports mode.

Meanwhile, Ola Electric has launched a new Khakhi colour as a limited edition for the Ola S1 Pro. It is to be noted that only 1947 units of the limited edition electric scooter will be sold in India. This is not the first time the company has launched a limited edition colour of the scooter. Earlier, the sold the Ola S1 Pro in gerua colour on holi.

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