Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

Patna: Union minister Raj Kumar Singh on Sunday asserted that Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has burnt his bridges with the BJP and any attempts at a realignment in the future will be met with opposition. The BJP MP, who represents Ara Lok Sabha seat, also claimed that the 71-year-old leader will remain in his chair only until the RJD agrees to Tejashwi Yadav remaining the deputy CM, and not aim for the top seat of power.

“While in alliance with us, it is well known he never allowed ministers from BJP to function freely. But now he will be at the RJD’s beck and call, even rush to Lalu Prasad’s home if he gets a call at midnight,” said Singh, who was an IAS officer trusted by Kumar before he moved to Delhi to become the Union home secretary.

The BJP leader claimed that his party was “not worried” about losing Kumar to the opposition camp and ridiculed JD(U) leaders’ assertion that the Bihar CM could pose a challenge to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 

“Will other regional leaders like Mamata and KCR accept his leadership? His party is number three in Bihar and unlikely to win even 10 seats in the 243-strong assembly on its own,” Singh said here.

“He has broken all records of changing loyalties. But one can be cheated once or twice. Not again and again. I am sure BJP will never think of allying with him in future. Even if it does, many will oppose such a move. I will, certainly, in my personal capacity,” the minister of power and new & renewable energy added.

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