Sat. Feb 17th, 2024

New Delhi: Tahira Kashyap has been an inspiration for women for personifying courage and hope post her battle with breast cancer. She has faced her own share of struggles and continues to inspire not just cancer survivors but everyone. 

The director recently posted a video wherein she can be seen working out. She mentioned that doing push-ups after 4 years of surgery was a big wonder. She also emphasized the fact that one mustn’t lose hope and should never undermine human potential.  

Tahira expressed her happiness upon doing 3 sets of push-ups. She further mentioned how eminent this achievement was for her as she consistently worked out, gaining strength, inch by inch. She defied all the odds and rejoiced over this feat.  

The ‘Sharmaji ki Beti’ director also highlighted the fact that she respected her body wherein she had to strive even more to meet the mark, wherein her body asked her to rest; citing the example of moving forward, even if it is half a step. She further encouraged people to discard despair and embrace hope.

Tahira’s Instagram feed spreads positivity, hope and a renewed zest to live. She always makes it a point to send out positivity and encourage people to do their best. 

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