Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

New Delhi: Google CEO Sundar Pichai recently stated that the company has too many employees but not enough work. He also advised employees to work more efficiently and to concentrate on how to improve their products and assist customers. According to a Business Insider report, Google is now warning employees about layoffs.

According to the report, some of Google’s top executives have warned employees to either show results or prepare for “blood on the streets.” The managers basically implied that if employees do not improve their performance, they should brace themselves for layoffs. These executives also stated that whether or not layoffs will occur is entirely dependent on the next quarterly earnings report. Read More: Domino’s India clarifies after photos of mops hanging above trays of pizza dough goes viral

According to the publication, Google Cloud sales leadership has threatened Google employees with a “overall examination of sales productivity and productivity in general,” and that if next quarter results are not good, they should not “look up” because “blood will be on the streets.” Read More: Independence Day 2022: Anand Mahindra tweets photo of elderly couple hoisting the national flag, post goes viral

Things haven’t been going well at Google for quite some time. A month ago, the tech titan announced a hiring freeze due to the ongoing economic slowdown. Although Google did not officially discuss layoffs at the time, employees were concerned. This is also due to several other Big Tech companies, including Netflix and Microsoft. Microsoft recently laid off nearly 2000 employees, possibly as a cost-cutting measure.

Last month, Google CEO Eric Schmidt told employees to increase productivity and asked for suggestions on how to get “better results faster.” “There are legitimate concerns that our overall productivity is not where it should be for the head count we have,” Pichai was quoted as saying.

Google recently halted hiring for two weeks in order to review its headcount and determine its next course of action. The hiring freeze was later extended by the company.

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