Sat. Feb 17th, 2024

The stray dog menace is on rise in Noida and Greater Noida. The issue of stray dogs often leads to confrontation between animal lovers and rest of the citizen in housing societies of the city. In a similar incident, a dog bit 15 people of Greater Noida’s Fusion Homes society in a time span of 24 hours, between Saturday and Sunday. The victims included women and children too.

People, troubled by dog, lodged a complaint with Greater Noida Authority on late Saturday evening, and a dog-cather squad came to society on Sunday morning.

The officials too had to spent good 5 hours to catch the dog.

Arjit Garg, a resident of the society, told Zee News: “The dog bit 15 people in 24 hours. Despite this, some people were feeding him the next morning”.

Dog menace on rise in Greater Noida

The incidents of stray dogs biting residents are on rise in residential societies of Delhi-NCR, especially Noida. Days ago, a dog had bitten the Gunja Singh, the SDM of Ghazibad during his morning walk. The dog was later caught by the district officials. However, even then, some of the residents of the same society had opposed catching of the dog.

Woman beats guard for shooing away dog

Yesterday, another similar incident came to light from Agra, around 150KM from here. A woman thrashed a security guard with stick over alleged bad behavior with street dogs roaming around in the society. As seen in the video, the woman beats the guard with a stick and abuses him on camera. A video of the incident has gone viral. 

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