Mon. Feb 19th, 2024

Independence Day was supposed to be one of the busiest day in his life.He remains busy from morning as a Cabinet minister, MLA. He had to participate in flag hoisting, Red Road official functions and many more important places. But Partha Chatterjee’s life has changed in just one month. So this year Partha participated in the flag hoisting ceremony of the correctional facility as a resident of the Presidency Jail. As a result, another new experience in the changed life of the former minister. The total number of prisoners in the Presidency Jail is 2559. Among them are many notorious criminals as well as heavyweight prisoners like Partha Chatterjee. According to sources, on the occasion of Independence Day, almost all the residents of the jail participated in the flag hoisting ceremony in the morning. Among them was Partha Chatterjee. 

Partha Chatterjee, a former minister of Mamata Banerjee’s Bengal, is already being monitored by the jail authorities due to his various physical problems. A team of SSKM doctors visited him two days ago. Partha is suffering from several problems including leg pain. The doctors also advised him to do some exercises. However, understanding the real situation, Partha is also trying to adapt to the jail life. But ‘Foodie’ Partha indulged himself whenever he got the chance. Sometimes he demanded ‘Aloor Chop’, sometimes rice. However, on the occasion of Independence Day, there is a special lunch menu at the Presidency Jail today. 

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According to the sources, today at noon there will be rice, mugdal with fish head, alu potal curry, katla fish kalia, chutney and two sweets each. However, the doctors have imposed restrictions on Partha Chatterjee’s food intake. Although the doctors sometimes gave some concession to the former minister to change his taste. So, even if he is in jail, the former minister can have the Independence Day lunch as per his wishes.

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