Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024

Kolkata: Indians are celebrating the country’s 76th Independence day with pomp and flair. Citizens from all corners of the country have come together to commemorate our brave freedom fighters. Amid the celebrations, a video of Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee dancing with folk artists has surfaced on social media. 

Bengal Chief Minister danced with the folk artists during the 76th Independence day celebrations in Kolkata. Banerjee was present at the Independence Day function of the state at Kolkata’s Red Road.

While Paying homage to the Indian freedom fighters, the West Bengal Chief Minister said that “Indians must uphold the dignity of the country’s democratic values”.

“Indians should preserve the sacred legacy of their forefathers who got the Independence. Today we pay homage to the supreme sacrifices of our forefathers that led to our country’s independence”, she added.

Banerjee congratulated the people on India’s 75 years of Independence on Twitter. She wrote, “We, the people of India, must preserve their sacred legacy and uphold the dignity of our democratic values and people’s rights”

(With ANI/PTI Inputs)

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