Thu. Apr 18th, 2024

Mahindra is planning on going big in the Indian electric car market with the launch of multiple new models. The Mahindra born-electric SUV range is scheduled to announce its entry into the Indian market on 15 August, but before its debut, the company has been building hype with multiple teasers. To be specific, the Indian automaker is planning on revealing 5 electric SUVs. It is to be noted that these SUVs have been designed by Mahindra Advanced Design Europe (M.A.D.E), headed by Pratap Bose.

Before any official revelation on the SUVs, the possible names of the Mahindra-born electric SUVs have leaked online. As per trademarks filed by the company, the SUVs can be named XUV-e1, SUV-e2, SUV-e3, SUV-e5, SUV-e6, SUV-e7, SUV-e8, and SUV-e9. The name with the number 4 in it has been left out of the series in the trademarked names.

Mahindra has given users a sneak peek into the features and interiors of the new electric SUVs. The e-SUVs will have reclining seats that will be adjustable to the user’s preferences. Individual user settings for the air conditioning ensure that every passenger is comfortable. Users will be able to access calls, texts, music, and turn-by-turn navigation thanks to the apparent connectivity features.

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Premium features such as leather seats, a large touchscreen infotainment system, and wireless charging are likely in Mahindra’s born-electric SUVs. Along with side and curtain airbags, a tire pressure monitoring system, a 360° surround view monitor, a blind view monitor, adaptive cruise control, driver drowsiness detection, and electric smart door handles, there are other safety features. ADAS features are likely to be available on Mahindra’s all-electric SUVs.

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