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World Organ Donation Day 2022: Every year on August 13,  World Organ Donation Day is observed worldwide. This day, as the name indicates, is aimed at spreading awareness about organ donations and also looks to debunk various misconceptions that are associated with donating organs. People are encouraged to donate their healthy organs once they die as this would ensure a healthy, happy life for millions of people who are living with chronic illnesses. India has its own organ donation day – November 27.

World Organ Donation Day 2022: History and first organ donor

The first-ever organ donation was done in 1954. Ronald Lee Herrick donated a kidney to his twin brother in the US. In 1990, Doctor Joseph Murray got the Nobel Prize for physiology and medicine for his achievements in organ transplantation.

World Organ Donation Day 2022: Significance 

Most of the organs in our body, including the liver, kidney, pancreas and heart can be donated. But most people do not donate organs – some have misconceptions while largely most people are unaware. In such a situation it is essential to raise awareness of organ donation. Organ donation can save people’s lives and brings hope to millions who are battling death due to organ failure.

Who can’t donate organs? Dos and Don’ts

Very few medical conditions automatically disqualify one from donating their organs. People suffering from HIV, cancer, or any heart disease should not donate their organs. Don’t believe in hearsay or make a decision based on reading up an article on the internet. Check with a qualified medical professional before donating organs or ruling yourself out.

Top quotes on World Donation Day 2022

– “The decision to become a donor can save up to eight lives and enhance many more—men, women, and children who depend on the generosity and sacrifice of others. I encourage individuals of all ages and backgrounds to consider this unique opportunity to help those in need and to discuss this choice with friends and family.” -Barack Obama

– “I would donate whatever anybody would take, and I’d probably do the cremation bit” – George Clooney, American actor

– “Share your life. Share your decision” – Michael Jordan, former professional basketball player

– “The measure of life is not its duration but its donation.” – Peter Marshall

– Live life after death – pledge to donate your body – Amit Abraham, Indian author

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