Mon. Feb 26th, 2024

New Delhi: Actor Adivi Sesh, who captured the hearts of millions of people throughout the nation through his movie ‘Major’, celebrated Independence Day at the Octopus Special Forces Campus.

In order to combat terrorist activities, the government of the once united Andhra Pradesh founded the OCTOPUS in 2007. It was modelled after the National Security Guards (NSG). The Camp is a training facility for the Organization for Counter-Terrorist Operations, covering 600 acres. Adivi had the opportunity to experience the boot camp firsthand, which was both exciting and educational.

Here are few pictures from the visit:

Adivi Sesh already endured a lot of the training that military personnel do when filming “Major,” the inspirational story of Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan and his bravery and sacrifice in the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks, which further fueled his devotion.

Adivi Sesh describes his visit when he says, “I visited the Octopus Special Forces Campus in honour of Independence Day, and it was a genuinely bizarre experience. I got to know the group commander and the commandos’ training officers. We witnessed their training, live weapon firing, IED explosive drills, and even their K9 squad. The dogs were taught so effectively that they can navigate a rope while wearing blinders. It was a remarkable sight for a dog lover to witness. Seeing the activity firsthand fills me with emotion and pride as an Indian. You should include something like. I applaud the soldiers’ efforts, who are constantly concerned with our protection.”

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