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The education industry especially the digital marketing training industry is at an all-time high, therefore the reliability on the new educational institutions has become questionable. In the field of digital marketing, this is even more frequent. In Conclusion, Digital marketing has been termed as one of the most demanding skills in the world by many experts. You certainly need to have a strong grasp on it to advance in your career. DIDM’s digital marketing course is definitely going to help you become a digital marketing expert and thrive in your career.

Amidst all these confusions, there is a Company – Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing (DIDM), which has maintained its consistency and stability in the industry and infact has shown immense growth post the lockdown period across India and abroad. 

DIDM was launched in 2015 and in the last 7 years, DIDM has certified tens of thousands of digital marketers, fulfilling its mission to fill the shortage of competent digital marketers. As DIDM is currently the Best Digital Marketing Training Company in Delhi and One of the Best Digital Marketing Institutions in India, it envisions itself to be seen as the global leader in the digital marketing education sector.

DIDM primarily offers three digital marketing courses: Master in Digital Marketing Course, Advanced Digital Marketing Course and Professional Digital Marketing Course. Their Master in Digital Marketing Course is the most demanding one. Students who choose to enroll in that course receive in-class training with tool-based studies, followed by two months of onboard practical training. As part of the onboarding training, students apply their skills practically under the supervision of a qualified mentor.

DIDM is currently operational in Delhi NCR in Satya Niketan, DIDM Dwarka, DIDM Noida, DIDM Kalkaji, DIDM Gurgaon, DIDM Pitampura, DIDM Preet Vihar and its newest branch in Delhi is DIDM Rajouri Garden. Out of Delhi, they are present in Andheri East (Mumbai), Jaipur, Srinagar (J&K), and Meerut. In addition, the team is preparing to open training centers abroad to take DIDM to the next level. They are preparing to serve the international market by the end of 2022.

DIDM has received several reputed awards in the past few years for its outstanding performance. Few of them are:

1) From ASSOCHAM &Ministry of MSME – Fair Business Practices Award, 2022

2) International Fame Award – Best Digital Marketing Training Company in India, 2021

c) From WASME – Best Digital Marketing Institute in India, 2021

d) Assocham & Ministry of MSME – Most Promising Brand, 2018

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