Mon. Feb 26th, 2024

NEW DELHI: Amala Paul performs spectacularly in her movie ‘Cadaver’. How far would you go for your passions? Would you give up on your inherent identity for things you love? Amala Paul is one name that rings our head when we think of going all in for the things we love. The actress’s recent movie ‘Cadaver’ is one to give you chills! 

Amala’s character in her investigative thriller ‘Cadaver’ required a pixie cut hairdo. The actress switched to a pixie hair extension? Nope! She dived straight in and got her the required haircut to fit in the role. She let her natural hair be chopped off for being able to deliver a more authentic side of her character. The actress does whatever it takes to deliver authenticity and that’s what she did when it came to proving her fascination for the role. Thrilling, isn’t it? 

The actress is known for her gripping roleplays and her versatile choice of characters. She dares to choose roles that get her out of her comfort zone and we aren’t surprised! Her venture ‘Cadaver’ is an investigative thriller roping the actress in a police surgeon role. The actress is already admired for her smooth role shifts and Cadaver has become a feather on her cap! From playing romantic roles in films like Mynaa to switching to a more serious role in ‘Cadaver’, Amala has left no stones unturned. Her transformation stories gain her some decent acclamations and are we not fascinated? 

Amala’s character play in the investigative thriller was deeply appreciated in the trailer that was released earlier. Her fans and colleagues were the first to shower love on the trailer of ‘Cadaver’. She is also the producer of the film and her first venture as a producer has gained her quite some admiration. She has taken up multiple roles and yet delivers each one of them with utmost dedication. The social media was inevitably flooded with tons of admiration for the actress’s mind-blowing performance and her first release as a producer. The recently released trailer of the investigative thriller has quite raised some heat already and it’s no wonder.

‘Cadaver’ is produced by Amala Paul herself and is directed by Anoop S Panicker. The film stars Amala Paul, Harish Uthaman, Munishkanth, and Athulya Ravi, and is now streaming on Disney Plus Hotstar. The performance is one of a kind with a story beyond your imagination and a must-include in your watchlist!

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