Fri. Feb 16th, 2024

Seoul: Heavy downpours lashed out South Korea’s capital Seoul resulting in flooding and heavy loss to the public exchequer. The incessant rains turned Seoul streets and localities into a river. 

At least 600 people were displaced after 2,682 buildings and apartments were submerged.

The downpours had a devastating impact resulting in the death of humans and animals. A total of 9 people died while 17 others were injured. Seven people are reported missing, according to the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters.

Several casualties were reported from Seoul, Gyeonggi, and Gangwon. Meanwhile, 20000 livestock died and crops close to 325 soccer fields got damaged. 

With the continuing downpour, the government and local governments are speeding up repairing buildings and streets. The actual damage is expected to increase further after an investigation. 

Around 145 people were rescued, including 85 in Gyeonggi, 44 in Incheon, nine in Gangwon, and seven in Seoul. More than 1,200 people moved to a safe place temporarily after leaving their homes. 988 people have lost their homes due to the flood. Currently, 1,471 people are staying in 103 temporary facilities such as community centres, schools, village halls and accommodation facilities. 

The Korea Disaster Relief Association and the Red Cross provided more than 21,000 items, including tents, first aid, and cooking stuff to the displaced people. 1,700 health care items, 6,480 bottled water, 6,656 snacks, and 226 shelters were also provided. The government is currently in talks with related organizations such as the Disaster Relief Association to support the disaster relief donation. 

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