Sat. Feb 17th, 2024

New Delhi: Meta on Thursday announced that it is testing end-to-end encryption for individual chats on its Messenger app. The company is testing secure storage on Messenger, a new feature that allows users to back up end-to-end encrypted chats. “We’re also starting a test of automatic end-to-end encrypted chat threads on Messenger and expanding other features,” said the company.

“As with end-to-end encrypted chats, secure storage means that we won’t have access to your messages unless you choose to report them to us,” said Sara Su, Product Management Director, Messenger Trust. “This week, we’ll begin testing default end-to-end encrypted chats between some people. If you’re in the test group, some of your most frequent chats may be automatically end-to-end encrypted, which means you won’t have to opt into the feature,” she added. (Also Read: Income Tax payers alert! 50-day deadline to join Atal Pension Yojana — 10 key points)

You’ll still have access to your message history, but any new messages or calls with that person will be end-to-end encrypted. Secure storage will be the default way to protect the history of end-to-end encrypted conversations on Messenger. The users will have multiple options for restoring their messages if they choose to do so. (Also Read: MD of BYJU’s-owned Aakash Institute buys Delhi property worth Rs 137 crore)

“There will be two end-to-end encrypted options for accessing your backups: either create a PIN or generate a code, both of which you’ll need to save,” said Meta.

You can also choose to restore your Messenger conversations via third-party cloud services. The company said it will also begin testing the ability to unsend messages, reply to Facebook Stories and offer other ways to access your end-to-end encrypted messages and calls.

Meta said that it is also removing vanish mode from Messenger, but disappearing messages will still be available in the settings of end-to-end encrypted chats. “This mode allows everyone’s messages to disappear at a selected time after they’ve been seen. Vanish mode chats on Instagram aren’t end-to-end encrypted and will still be available,” it added.

Last year, the company started a limited test of opt-in end-to-end encrypted messages and calls on Instagram, and, in February, broadened the test to include adults in Ukraine and Russia. “Soon, we’ll expand the test even further to include people in more countries and add more features like group chats,” said Meta. Meta tests end-to-end encryption for individual chats on Messenger.

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