Thu. Apr 18th, 2024

New Delhi: Samsung unveiled the two latest smartphones Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 along with Galaxy 5 smartwatch and earbuds on 10 August at Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event. The much-awaited smartphones have finally arrived for customers in India. You can go to its official website of Samsung to pre-reserve both smartphones between 16 August at 12 pm to 17 August at midnight. You can get Rs 5000 extra benefit when you pre-reserve them during the mentioned time.

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However, there is confusion among buyers about which smartphones they should buy – Galaxy Z fold 4 or Galaxy Flip 4. Each of them has different specifications, pros, and configurations. It’s better to get all information about both smartphones before deciding to buy one. 

Galaxy X Fold 4 specs and configurations

It is having a sandwich-like shape, a foldable screen that unfolds vertically into a kind of book. More smooth and sturdy than its predecessor, Galaxy Z Fold 4 is having three rear cameras and one front camera. Its three rear cameras are broader than the previous one. It has smooth and sophisticated hinge movement.

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The power button, sim tray, and fingerprint scanner are available on the side part of the smartphone to be accessed easily. The latest feature added in Galaxy Z fold 4 is the new taskbar on the bottom which makes multitasking easier. It is also compatible with the S pen stylus. It affords C type charger with a 25-watt charger providing quick charge in 30 minutes up to 50%.

It has a good and wide External display to use the smartphone comfortable outside with one hand like normal smartphones.

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 is available in Gray Green, Beige, Burgandy and Phantom Black colour options and it is compatible with the S Pen Fold Edition stylus, which is available in the same colour options.

Expected price – Rs. 142,490

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 specs and configurations

Similar to Galaxy Z Flip 3, nothing much has changed in the design aspect. The new model has more polished edges and a side body has a fingerprint scanner, power button, and volume button.

It affords C type charger with a 25-watt charger providing quick charge in 30 minutes up to 50%. It is having horizontal flip like a clam shape to be used both as a full-fledged smartphone or folded square shape.

It comes with 8 plus Gen 1 Snapdragon, which is also available in Galaxy Z fold 4. However, the Flip 4 is a very portable phone you can easily travel with anywhere in comparison to the bulky Galaxy Z fold 4.

Its built quality is good and the hinge mechanism opens like a clamlike with an external display of 1.9 inches beside two 12 megapixels cameras. Along with that, it is better for one-handed functionality in comparison to Galaxy Z fold 4 which is in fact bulky. A perfect tool for vloggers. Lastly, it has 12 GB RAM in all variants from 256 and is available in three colours.

Expected Price – Rs 84,999

It is up to you now what you prefer. If you want a big-screen smartphone that folds into a normal smartphone, the Galaxy Z fold 4 is for you. Though it is very costly and bulky in comparison to Galaxy Z flip 4. However, if you want a small, portable, and clamlike opening smartphone, lip 4 is perfect and less costly. Both smartphones have a c-type charger, 8 plus Gen 1 snapdragon processor, 12 GB RAM, and several variants from 128 to 512 GB.

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