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Income tax department officials raided in Jalna as it happens in bollywood films. The officials of the Income Tax Department had come as groomsmen so that no one would get the news that they were coming to raid. Income Tax officials arrived in Jalna in wedding cars bearing ‘Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge stickers’ and uncovered 390 crore illegal assets in eight days of raids. 

Jalna is famous in Maharashtra for steel production. But, the Income Tax Department has brought the illegal industry of steel manufacturers to the fore. The income tax department raided the homes, farmhouses and offices of the steel manufacturing factories. In this raid, the income tax department has got a lot of trouble. As many as 390 crore unaccounted assets have come to light. 58 crores in cash, 32 kg gold ornaments, 16 crores including diamonds have been found in this. Apart from this, property documents worth 300 crores have also been found.

This raid session starts from last August 1. This action lasted for 8 days. The officials of the Income Tax Department conducted raids at different places simultaneously through different teams. The Income Tax Department investigated the 3 rolling mills in the new MIDC and the financial transactions related to them. This includes a prominent land developer and businessman from Aurangabad. As much as 390 crores cash was taken in this operation. It took the officials 16 hours to count this cash.

The fact that these four big steel mills in Jalna earned excess income of crores of rupees from transactions and cashed these transactions was not brought on record. Therefore, the Income Tax Department conducted this raid in a very secret manner.

At first nothing was found in the house!

The houses, offices, farmhouses of these industrialists were raided. Five teams took action at the same time. In the beginning, nothing was found by the team. But later, when the team raids a farmhouse far from the city, panic sets in. Bundles of money were found in the bed, under the closet. In this, cash was found with three factory workers. Along with this, gold ornaments, gold biscuits, bricks, coins and diamonds were found. A total of 32 kg of gold was seized. Total unaccounted assets worth around 300 crores have been found. Two businessmen were also raided in Aurangabad. 58 crore cash has been seized from them. 16 carat gold ornaments and diamonds have been found in it. In this operation bundles of notes were packed in 25 cloth bags. Then this amount was taken to the local state bank and counted. The counting started around 11 am and ended at 1 pm.

The groom became an officer!

Interestingly, before coming to Jalna, the officials of the Income Tax Department became a bridegroom so that no one would be affected by his actions. These officials had reached the city in a wedding car so that no one should know about this. Interestingly, ‘Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge’ stickers were also affixed on the cars to show that they had indeed come for the marriage. Officials of Nashik, Pune, Thane and Mumbai had also put such stickers on their cars. One car had stickers of bride and groom. A special ‘Code-Word’ was also given to each group of officers. The fleet had a total of 260 officers and 120 cars.

This year, the recovery of crores of rupees started from the bases of UP’s perfume trader Piyush Jain in Kannauj and Kanpur, after which many more big people kept getting trapped in the clutches of these government agencies. The action of IT raid was further carried out through Electronic City Noida to other states of the country. Talking about some more big seizures, the team of IT and ED further reached Kolkata where West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s former cabinet minister Partha Chatterjee and his ‘Intimate Friend’ Arpita Mukherjee were taken into custody. During the raid in the Teacher Recruitment Scam (Bengal SSC Scam) case, more than 55 crores of illegal assets were recovered. After this, many filmmakers, financiers and distributors were simultaneously clamped in many cities of South India including Chennai IT Raid. 

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