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Raksha Bandhan 2022 Shubho Mahurat: Finally, the time to celebrate the beautiful festival of Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan is here. On this day, brothers and sisters renew the vows to love and protect each other till the end of their lives. Sisters tie the holy thread of Rakhi on a brother’s wrist on Raksha Bandhan, who in turn promises to protect his sister always. This time, there has been confusion regarding the date and timing of the festival.  Raksha Bandhan is celebrated on the full moon day of Sawan month. According to the Hindu calendar, this time Rakhi is being held on August 11. But due to the shadow of the Bhadra period on this day –  an inauspicious time according to Hindu mythology – some people have chosen to celebrate the Rakhi festival on August 12. But there’s a timing factor for August 12 too. 

Who is Bhadra and what’s Bhadra kaal’s saya?

Astrolger and Vastu Consultant Rosie Jasrotia explains, “In any auspicious work, special care is taken of Bhadra Yoga, because the beginning or the end of Mangal Utsav during Bhadra period is considered inauspicious. According to the Puranas, Bhadra is the daughter of Lord Suryadev and sister of King Shani. Like Shani, its nature is also said to be harsh. In order to control his nature, Lord Brahma placed him in Vishti Karan, a major part of the Kalgana or Panchang. In the state of Bhadra, some auspicious works like travel and production etc. were considered to be prohibited, but during the Bhadra period, Tantra work, court and political election work are considered to be successful.”

According to the Puranas, Bhadra is said to be the sister of Shani Dev and the daughter of Sun God. Bhadra is also tough in nature like his brother Shani.


Why is Rakhi not tied during Bhadra period? 

The full moon date of Sawan month will start at 10:39 am on August 11 and will end on August 12 at 7.05 am. The festival of Rakhi can be celebrated on August 11. But again, on this day, Bhadra Kaal will start in the morning itself and will end at 8.51 pm. So technically, Rakhi can be tied after that. 

Tying rakhi during Bhadra period is prohibited. Not just Rakhi, other auspicious works like  entering a new home (griha pravesh), beginning of new work, worship-rituals, mundan-janeu rites etc, are discouraged during Rakhi. As per mythology, Ravan’s sister had tied Rakhi to him in Bhadra period and within one year, Lord Rama had destroyed Ravan. Therefore, Rakhi is not tied even during Bhadra period.

This year, on August 11, 2022, there will be Bhadra period on the day of Raksha Bandhan. That’s why many people will celebrate Rakshabandhan on the morning of 12th August.

Rakhi tying

Raksha Bandhan 2022: Will it be celebrated on August 12?

Many will celebrate on 12. But remember, you need to tie rakhi on your brothers’ wrist before 7.05 am on the morning of the 12th. “Traditionalists should observe on 12th morning as Raksha Bandhan is always celebrated on full moon day. A full moon tithi begins when the full moon starts from sunrise time itself; and 11th, technically it is not a full moon tithi,” says astrologer Anupam V Kapil.

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