Mon. Feb 26th, 2024

New Delhi: The Uttar Pradesh police caught three people for offering ‘namaz’ in the garden in the Taj Mahal premises. The Agra police said that the three Muslim tourists, who hail from Kerala, were caught in the act and were later released after writing an apology. 

The case came to light on Tuesday, when three tourists Anas, Mansoori and Awasad from Kerala, who were visiting Taj Mahal, offered namaz in the premises of the monument. The tourists were spotted by an Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) employee, who then reported the trio to the CISF personnel. 

The CISF personnel acted swiftly and caught the tourists and started questioning them. After over an hour of questioning the tourists told the authorities that they were not aware of the rules of the monuments and accepted their mistake, following which the CISF let the tourists go after they submitted a written apology. Along with this, a warning was also given not to make the mistake again in future. 

Notably, the local people can offer namaz inside the Taj Mahal premises only on Fridays and that too, with the permission of the authorities. 

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