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Vastu Tips for Bathroom: Certain things that are usual in daily life, some things that we don’t even notice, can cause harm in our lives. When we think of the Vastu of a house, we focus mainly on the kitchen, living room and bedroom. But we must also remember that the bathroom is an equally important part of the house. And using Vastu items in the bathroom is essential for the progress and prosperity of our home and family.  

According to Vastu, the bathroom plays an important role in our life. So the things kept in the washroom can affect our lives. Most of us have a bucket in our bathroom that’s often empty. While it might be difficult to believe that an empty bucket can be the cause of any trouble, according to experts, an empty bucket in the bathroom can adversely affect your financial situation. So make small changes and avoid unexpected financial problems.  

Do not keep an empty bucket in the bathroom

According to Vastu Shastra, keeping an empty bucket is considered very inauspicious. As per Vaastu, never leave an empty bucket in the bathroom. Doing this can lead to a financial crisis in life. So take note and avoid keeping empty buckets in washrooms.

A blue-coloured bucket filled with water is ideal for your home’s Vastu

Vastu Consultant Rosie Jasrotia shares, “According to Vastu, keeping a blue-coloured bucket in the bathroom is considered very auspicious. Keep in mind that the bucket kept in the bathroom should never be empty, the bucket should always be filled with clean water. By doing this, you ensure that prosperity remains in the house.” Jasotia adds, “The water bucket kept in the bathroom increases the love in the family.”

Blue is considered an auspicious colour

Blue colour is very important in Vastu. The blue colour is considered a symbol of happiness and auspiciousness, says Jasrotia. Some experts say that those with Saturn and Rahu dosha should always keep a blue bucket and a blue mug in the bathroom. It provides relief to some extent from the malefic effects of Rahu and Shani. In addition, if you want to get wealth and financial power, use blue tiles in the bathroom. With these changes, you can see a significant change in your life.   


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