Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024

Former Manchester United star and Wales football manager Ryan Giggs is currently on trial in a United Kingdom court, accused of controlling behaviour and assaulting his ex-girlfriend Kate Greville and her young sister Emma. The case is now getting dirty as some serious allegations have been made against Giggs with Kate saying she was thrown out her hotel room by him while she was ‘naked’.

Manchester Crown Court heard a police interview given by Greville weeks after she alleged the former Wales manager headbutted her in November 2020. Prosecutors allege this happened when Mr Giggs came back to his house as she was preparing to move out.

“He just came at me from nowhere, grabbed me by my shoulders and head butted me in my face,” she said.

She told detectives Giggs had once ‘flipped’ in a hotel room after she confronted him about messaging another woman. She said he squared up to her, grabbed her wrist ‘hard’ and ‘literally dragged’ her naked across the floor and threw her and her belongings into the corridor. Greville added that she was left feeling ‘humiliated and embarrassed’, according to BBC news.

“I had no clothes on, he grabbed me by my wrist, so hard, dragged me into the lounge bit, grabbed my on the floor, all my suitcase and threw it all into the corridor and then shut the door. I was just there naked, all my stuff in the corridor. I got all my stuff back in and got back into bed – I had to get my stuff with a towel wrapped around me,” Kate Greville is quoted as saying by Daily Mirror.

Giggs wanted to “have sex all the time” and would call his ex-girlfriend Kate Greville “up to 50 times an hour”, it was revealed to Court. She told the police officer that Giggs did not force himself on her but “he was using sex to get to me… he’d randomly send sexual messages or pictures.

“He was completely using me for sex. He wouldn’t leave me alone,” she added.

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