Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

Accidents with planes at airports are rare but not impossible. Even after all the precautions and safety measures, it is hard to avoid accidents while managing the humongous machines. Moreover, accidents on the ground are more common with airplanes than in the air. In one such incident, a Qatar Airways Cargo Boeing 777F plane got in contact with a light pole on its way to the Chicago O-Hare airport. After the collision with the plane, the pole remained intact while the plane was torn apart and suffered serious damage. It is to be noted that the wing of the Boeing collided with the pole sustaining damage.

The photo of the Boeing 777F registered as A7-BFH with the torn wing is going viral on the internet. The photo of the plane colliding with the pole was shared on Twitter. The image was shared on Twitter by a user named M Zulqarnain B with the caption saying, “Ouch! A Qatar Airways Boeing 777-FDZ (A7-BFH) hits a pole at Chicago airport. ” It is to be noted that the plane had arrived at Chicago O’Hare from Atlanta.

It was planned to leave once more and travel to Maastricht (MST) across the Atlantic. However, there was a calculation error or a communication error somewhere in between, and the aircraft collided with the pole. The now-wing-clipped plane did not make it to its next runway assignment. Over the weekend, it remained on the ground at ORD.

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As per Simple Flying’s report, Qatar Airways said in a statement, “Qatar Airways can confirm that a cargo aircraft, QR8141 operating from Atlanta to Chicago, came into contact with a light post while taxiing at Chicago O’Hare and sustained some damage to the wing. The incident is currently under investigation, and we can confirm that no crew members were injured.”

After landing on runway 10C, the plane was apparently taxiing when the event happened. However, the exact reason for the collision is not known yet and will be discovered once the investigation of the authorities reaches its conclusion.

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