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It was heard for several months that he was not getting along with the BJP. So there was confusion about Nitish Kumar resigning from the post of Chief Minister. But Nitish, the head of the Janata Dal United, showed the same on Tuesday. Behind this, the role of Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) patriarch and Nitish’s former ally Lalu Prasad Yadav is undeniable. It is heard that Nitish met Lalu a few months ago. Since then he started moving towards the goal step by step.

Script was being written a month ago!

Whether in jail or in hospital, Bihar’s politics is still largely run by Lalu and a section of politicians in the state. He is also heard to have a hand in the broken alliance with Nitish. In July, Lalu’s health deteriorated. He had to be admitted to a private hospital in Patna. At that time, Nitish ran to see him. Nitish even informed on the way out of the hospital that Lalu will be treated at government expense.

According to sources, what happened in Bihar on Tuesday, its background was created in that private hospital in Patna. Because after 30 days, Nitish left BJP and joined RJD again. Not only that, Tejaswi Yadav, who announced that he was leaving the alliance five years ago, is going to make Tejaswi the deputy chief minister again. RJD has released a statement that he even requested Tejashwi to forget about 2017 and start a new journey.  

The Big Plan

During Nitish’s visit to Lalu at that time no one saw any sign of change of government in Bihar. Rather, Nitish’s sympathy for his teammates was revealed as he was in the same profession for a long time. That is why Nitish also sent Lalu to AIIMS in Delhi from that private hospital by air ambulance at the government expense. But it is heard that it was part of the future plan. According to sources, when Lalu was admitted to AIIMS, former Bihar Chief Minister Jitan Ram Majhi also started going there for regular check-ups. After this, the movement of RJD, JDU, Left and Congress leaders increased one by one at AIIMS. People of Nitish’s party started to keep contact from Patna. Sources report that Lalu started writing the script of political change in Bihar while sitting at AIIMS.

Lalu- The Kingmaker!

So when Nitish appeared at Rabri Devi’s house in Patna after submitting his resignation today, Lalu’s Daughter Rohini Acharya was seen making suggestive comments on Twitter. Referring to his father as ‘Kingmaker’. She writes, “Start preparing for Rajtilak. The lantern bearers (Lantern, RJD’s election symbol) are coming forward.” After that, she posted her father’s picture and wrote, “His righteousness is higher than the sky, he is the pride of the people.”

Lalu’s Daughter Rajalakshmi Yadav also posted a collage of several pictures of her father and wrote, “Play the conch. He gave wings before, this time he will also teach to fly. Chanakya means Bihar, Bihari means Chanakya. Let fake Chanakyagiri go out of Bihar. Bihar says, Tejaswi Bhava Sarkar.”

It should be noted that Nitish has changed sides five times in his long political career. For that, Lalu called him ‘Palturam’ several times in public. Many others are seen borrowing that sarcasm from Lalu. Leaders of the anti-BJP camp in Bihar feel that Lalu once again led the way for that ‘Palturam’.  

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