Wed. Feb 21st, 2024

Five-time Indian Premier League champions Mumbai Indians (MI) have expanding their foothold in different T20 leagues around the world. Reliance Industries Limited, the owners of MI, have already brought franchises in the UAE T20 League and Cricket South Africa T20 League – both of which will get underway next year.

Reliance Industries Limited, the owners of Mumbai Indians, on Wednesday (August 10) unveiled the name and brand identity of the two new franchises joining the Mumbai Indians. ‘MI Emirates’ in UAE’s International League T20 and ‘MI Cape Town’ in Cricket South Africa T20 League are the team names that will adorn the iconic blue and gold of the team.

‘MI Emirates’ and ‘MI Cape Town’ – these names were chosen as they call out the specific regions from where the teams will be based. The teams, ‘MI Emirates’ or phonetically “MY Emirates” and ‘MY Cape Town’ respectively, are dedicated to fans across both the Emirates and Cape Town.


The new entities take the iconic Mumbai Indians identity and weaves in the local influence. The global expansion of #OneFamily will bring to the leagues the ethos and the values that have helped elevate Mumbai Indians to be one of the most loved teams in franchise cricket.

“It gives me great pleasure to welcome ‘MI Emirates’ & ‘MI Cape Town’, the newest additions to our #Onefamily. For us, MI goes beyond cricket. It embodies the ability to dream, be fearless and foster a positive attitude in life. I am sure that both MI Emirates and MI Cape Town will embrace the same ethos and take MI’s global cricket legacy to even greater heights!” Nita M. Ambani, Director of Reliance Industries, said in a release on Wednesday.

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