Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

Islamabad: In an intriguing statement, Pakistan said it will not “accept” abrogation of Article 370 in Indian Constitution which grants special status to Jammu and Kashmir.

Radio Pakistan quoted Foreign Office (FO) spokesperson Dr. Mohammad Faisal as saying, “Pakistan will never accept the repeal of Article 370 of the Indian Constitution which guarantees special status for Jammu and Kashmir. He said Kashmiri people will also not allow this to happen ever. 

Besides violating the rights of Kashmiris, it will also contravene the relevant UNSC resolutions.”On the Kartarpur Corridor issue, the FO spokesperson said that Islamabad regretted New Delhi`s decision to postpone the meeting.

India postponed the second round of talks on Kartarpur corridor after reports surfaced about the appointment of controversial elements by Pakistan in a committee associated with the Corridor.

In a statement, meanwhile, Islamabad reflected hypocrisy by stating that it is committed to complete its side of Kartarpur Corridor before the 550th birth anniversary of Baba Guru Nanak later this year.

India has objected to the presence of certain people, who are known for their anti-India activities and links with terror organisation, in the 10-member committee formed by Pakistan to oversee the Kartarpur Corridor plan.

It is learnt that India is upset by the constitution of the recently announced 10-member committee by the Pakistan Government to oversee Kartarpur Corridor as it includes some controversial names like that of Gopal Singh Chawla, Maninder Singh, Tara Singh, Bisan Singh and Kuljeet Singh.

Government sources said these names are involved in secessionist and anti-India activities. Gopal is linked with Lashkar-e-Toiba and this has queered the pitch for Kartarpur Dialogue. 

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