Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

Viral Video: The bride and groom have a lot of fun in today’s weddings as compared to earlier weddings. Be it the wedding rituals or dancing on stage. Before marriage or after marriage, the bride and groom are forced to dance by the family members. Some couples blush during this time, but there are some who dance freely. Right now a similar video is becoming fiercely viral on the internet. In the video, the bride and groom have gone on stage to dance. Where the bride starts to shy away, the groom gets busy dancing openly.

Bride rocked the dance floor

In the video, you will see further that the groom is dancing in his fun. The bride also tries to dance but she starts shying away. After some time she whispered something to the groom and then the DJ plays the Bhojpuri song. That was then the bride opened up completely and danced in such a way that it overshadowed everyone including the groom. This video of the bride’s dance is making a lot of noise on social media.


Aftermath of the video

The way the bride dances to a Bhojpuri song with great steps, all the guests present there blew a lot of whistles. This dance video of the bride and groom has been uploaded on a YouTube channel named VK Village Video. The popularity of the video can be understood from the fact that it has been viewed more than 9 lakh times so far.

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