Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

It is said, ‘Imagination is the highest kite that one can fly’. The same goes for these young authors who have used their imagination to create a masterpiece. Twenty young authors have collaborated on a project and have contributed short stories that have resulted in an unputdownable book – ‘The Sheen of Hope’.

‘The Sheen of Hope’ has twenty different stories of different genres that give a simple message to its readers that ‘hope’ even in the darkest of times can help you push through. 

The stories have different genres like drama, horror, science-fiction, historical-fiction, humour and thriller. Thus, there is a story for every reader. A Soldier who is fighting a battle during the World-War era, a young girl who has the responsibility of her family, a teenage girl not able to follow her dreams, a young NRI entrepreneur who has to choose between family or career, a boy fighting the battle of life and death on an island; each story will keep you hooked to the book. 

The young authors were part of a course by Twin Win that guides students related to innovative thinking, creative writing, public speaking and overall profile building.

Vaibhav Pande, CEO of Twin Win, shares, “These young authors have proved their mettle. These students attended months of training from authors, media personalities and personality experts to improve their writing skills, English language skills and public speaking. The best part is that the writers who are a part of this intriguing anthology have an age group between 9 years and 18 years. This proves that age is just a number and if you have the right skill-set, proper training and positive mindset, anything is possible.”

When asked about the experience, the young authors reply, “Becoming an author is a journey that we will cherish forever. All of us were working as a group for almost six months and we learnt teamwork, helping each other and how to convert our thoughts to words. It is like a dream come true for all of us.”

‘The Sheen of Hope’ is like a sumptuous buffet that has dishes for everyone’s taste. 

The ordeals of people fighting a deadly disease, a psychologist’s experiences with different patients, school students trying to change the system, youngsters who discover that they are more than just teenagers, a young girl who rediscovers her destiny by making new friends, a boy who learns a life lesson though a mystery and a horror story will keep the readers second-guessing and awestruck. 

The list of young co-authors who have written ‘The Sheen of Hope’ are Adhyayan Rautela,Aditi Juyal, Aaditri Heria, Arav Tikkoo, Arth Agarwal, Devena Sanga, Gauri Sanga, Ishita Khandelwal, Janvi Pargai, Kumkum Bora, Maulik Pandey, Neelay Khetwal, Nishka Khandelwal, Rudransh Pande, Satvik Rautela, Shradha Ranjan, Shreshtha Chandra, Vainavi Vashist, Vishvesh Heria, Yashasvini Rai.

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