Thu. Apr 18th, 2024

Karachi: A Hindu family was attacked allegedly by a relative of a Pakistani politician and his guards in Pakistan’s Sindh province after the family tried to overtake his vehicle, police said on Monday.

The Inspector General of Sindh Police has ordered an inquiry into Sunday’s incident after the incident triggered an uproar on social media as a video of the harassment went viral and people demanded justice for the victims, which included a man, three women and two children, belonging to the minority community.

The alleged attacker named Shamsher Pitafi said to be a cousin of Sindh’s Minister for Livestock and Fisheries Abdul Bari Pitafi, and his guards allegedly harassed and misbehaved with the family near the Ghotki area after they tried to cross his vehicle but they were repeatedly denied the right to overtake.

As the family’s car overtook Pitafi’s car on the highway, one of the children threw an ice cream wrapper outside, which hit the windshield of Pitafi’s Vigo car and he was upset that the family did not even stop and sped away,” police said.

The family, which lives in Sanghar, was returning after visiting a temple known as Raharki Sahib, and later stopped at a roadside restaurant in Ghotki.

Pitafi followed them there, and he and his men then allegedly misbehaved with the Hindu family and broke the windows of their car. People on the spot intervened to defuse the situation after which Pitafi left the scene.

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