Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

New Delhi: Actor Raqesh Bapat who has been an expert in making his own Ganpati was one of the first in our industry to sculpt the idol.  The actor who is an artist, has taught many other actors how to sculpt their own idols and it has now become a norm in the television industry.   

Last year, Raqesh took the reality plunge with ‘Bigg Boss’ and we also saw him sculpt the Ganpati idol inside the house. It was for the first time that ‘Bigg Boss’ house had celebrated the festival, a first for Raqesh, the makers as well as the audience to see on national television.  

This year with Ganpati being celebrated in almost the pre-pandemic way, he is said to be taking his love for sculpting a step further as he has curated his own Ganpati Box.   

Raqesh reveals, “All these years so many people have been reaching out to me asking how I do it and I guess I never really truly had a mentor myself.  However, there’s nothing better than spreading art and so the box which I have personally curated will have everything needed to sculpt the idol and along with it there will be a tutorial video which can be watched for instructions.  I am extremely excited and I can’t wait for everyone to share the love of art, of imagination, and of creativity with me.  For me this is a special time of the year full of positivity and I’m hoping that with Ganpati this year I’m able to multiply that positivity!”   

When asked about the celebration, he said, “I’m hoping to spend Ganpati with my family and my birthday falls on visarjan day.  What else could I ask for….it’s going to be a close-knit celebration with my mom, sister and nieces this time.”   

On the acting front, Raqesh was last seen as an antagonist in the blockbuster Marathi film ‘Sarsenapati Hambirrao’.

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