Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

New Delhi: Former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s tenure in Pakistan has been controversial, but even after leaving the post, his troubles are not leaving his side. Now, the former Prime Minister has been accused of taking away most of the gifts received from foreign guests from Pakistan Toshakhana for free. The authorities have issued a notice to Imran Khan in this regard and have called him in for questioning on August 18.

According to the news of Geo TV, a petition has been filed in the Election Commission of Pakistan after Imran was accused of taking valuable gifts from Toshakhana for free. It has been said that Imran did not pay the price while carrying the gifts and took such gifts with him while leaving the post of Prime Minister for free. 

The petition, filed by the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), claimed that the cricketer-turned-politician has taken away most of the items from Toshakhana without payment.

A few months earlier, a media report claimed that Imran Khan sold three expensive watches from a government treasure-house collectively worth more than 154 million Pakistani rupees (Pkr) to a local watch dealer. Imran Khan reportedly earned millions of rupees from these jewel-class watches gifted to him by foreign dignitaries, The News International newspaper reported.

The PTI chief first sold the watches and then deposited 20 per cent of each in the government treasury, the Pakistan daily citing documents and sale receipts, the report said.

According to Toshakhana documents cited by the News, Imran earned Pkr 36 million from the sale of these three expensive watches gifted by visiting dignitaries from friendly Gulf countries.

Back in April, Shehbaz Sharif had accused his predecessor Imran Khan of selling Toshakhana gifts worth Pkr 140 million in Dubai.

“Imran Khan sold these gifts for Pkr 140 million in Dubai,” Shehbaz had said.

He said that the expensive gifts included diamond jewellery sets, bracelets and wristwatches. Shehbaz’s revelation came in response to a question regarding a petition seeking the details. 

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