Tue. Feb 20th, 2024

New Delhi: Google services faced outage in the late hours on Monday, according to outage tracker website downdetector.com. The outage had felt across US, UK, Singapore and Australia. At its peak in the US, over 40,000 people complained about the outage which was eventually restored after a few hours. #Googledown was trending briefly on Twitter when people couldn’t access Google services.


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Google confirmed that due to a software update issue, its services faced outage late Monday. “We’re aware of a software update issue that briefly affected availability of Google Search and Maps, and we apologize for the inconvenience. We worked to quickly address the issue and our services are now back online,” Google said in a statement.

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“We work to quickly address the issue and our services are back now online,” it added. Though Google’s own app status dashboard didn’t reflect any outage on it.

Google services include Gmail, Google Calendar, Google search, Google Meet, Google Docs editor, Google sites, and many more. Alphabet is a parent company of Google. Users also took Twitter to report outages with google’s services. They claimed to get error 500 which is a server problem. 

Many users took a jibe at the incident by tweeting witty and humorous replies. One user wrote, “How am I supposed to Google “Is Google down” when Google is down?!? #google”.


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