Thu. Apr 18th, 2024

Viral Video: Everyone must have heard that saying, ‘Cast pearls before swine.’ There is another saying, ‘show red flag to a bull’. It is common to attack him, but if someone goes in front of the buffalo and incites it to kill, sparing the person would be the last thing it would do. Maybe this girl does not understand this. That’s why she went before the Buffalo in order to get killed!

Girl teasing the buffalo

Actually, a video of a girl’s dance has been posted on social media. In this, the girl first reaches to feed the buffalo. She also puts fodder in the cistern. After this, she starts giving dance performance in front of the buffalo. Maybe she was trying to impress the buffalo. But the buffalo gets angry at this girl’s action. Seeing what happens next will definitely make you burst into laughter.


Surely you too could not control your laughter after watching the video. By watching this funny video, you must have understood why this proverb has been written ‘show red flag to a bull.’ In the video, you can see how this girl had come to feed the buffalo first. After this, she starts dancing right in front of him.

What happened when the buffalo got angry?

It can be seen that the buffalo slammed her in anger. The buffalo hits her so hard that she goes and falls to the ground. The girl also found it difficult to get up. This video of buffalo-girl tussle is being well-liked on social media. Millions of people have seen it.

People are commenting tremendously on this funny video. This video has been shared on different platforms. It has also been uploaded on the Instagram page named psycho_biharii2.

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