Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

Delhi government eased norms for Automated tests to obtain a driving license in the recent past. However, the transport department of the Delhi government has now deferred the implementation of some relaxations in existing norms for procuring driving licenses. 

The Transport Department had passed an order stating that certain existing norms for procuring driving licenses will be eased to ensure convenience to the general public. However, sources claimed that the government will deliberate on the revised criteria for Automated Driving Test Tracks before its implementation.

Sources said that the Transport Minister will once again reassess the guidelines before they are implemented. The Delhi government had issued orders to make modifications at various automated driving test tracks, in view of the rising number of instances of people flunking their tests, officials had said on Saturday.

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The Transport Department had constituted a committee to look into the matter which recommended making some modifications. These modifications were supposed to come into effect on August 8.

“There were rising instances of people failing their driving tests due to things that were not concerned with driving. For instance, the width of the last circle on which two-wheeler drivers had to do spiral maneuvering was smaller than the other two circles, which meant that for safety purposes, people had to put their feet on the ground. This meant they would flunk their test,” an official had explained.

(With inputs from PTI)

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